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Our Work

We worship orginality, variety, craftmenship, creativity. Our work is filled with an abundance of spices! For all of our short film projects, we have had the greatest delight of working with such wide array of talent from a diversity of backgrounds and disciplines internationally. We are experts in the world of film production, combining a compendium of cinema techniques with the art of storytelling for the sake of producing work that tailors to wide, global, fashionable audiences. Our portfolio of short films and music videos is a gallery of collective unique visions, a collaboration between a network of talented contributors to film, the fruits of a cultivated approach to the medium of film.

Paul Herbert is a doer. He doesn’t wait for favorable conditions – he makes them. Blue John films are bold and ambitious, on a scale not often seen in comparable productions. It’s a pleasure to work on his projects. Blue John has assembled a remarkable body of work in record time, against all odds. It’s great to be a part of that journey.’  - C.J.Lazaretti, Editor.

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