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The Tryst: Official Trailer (2023)

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'You can become anything you like, as long as there's a screen, behind which you can hide.

Genre: Short Narrative Film / Comedy

Produced by Ashley Jarvis & Paul Herbert

Written & Directed  by Paul Herbert

The Tryst_Poster for SM.JPG

Stuart is a customer in a local greasy spoon café. He has been sitting at his table with his laptop for most of the day with one cup of coffee, which has lasted him for most of the morning. The waitress is fed up with him using the place at his convenience, so she demands he either orders food, or gives up the table for the lunch time rush. Once an argument ensues, Stuart seeks advice from Val, a shop-owner he has recently met on a dating app, a seemingly elegant woman with whom he begins to shares his grief concerning the impatient waitress. In return, Val shows interest in Stuart's own advice regarding an intimidating customer who has just entered her shop. Each agree to follow the other's guidance until this disgruntled waitress turns out to be more of an ally than a foe.

Val / Waitress

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist
First Camera Assistant

First Assistant Director


Costume Designer
& Production Designer

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Post Sound Mixeroding 4

Music Composer

Lukas Wechsler
Catherine Adams

Mathias Coquoz

Foad Emrani
Hosein Mokarrami
Owen Pakiry-Palmer
David McDade
Tancred Whittaker

Shane Gentles
Connor Hanlon
Gwyn Evans

Sophie Aubz



Rebecca Lily Robinsonading 4

Christoper Belsey

Official Sites: Official Facebook | Official Bluejohn Productions website
Language: English
Release Date: 4th January 2023 UK

Filming Locations: Hackney, London, UK 

Budget: Gross: 6000 (GB)
Company Credits: BlueJohn Production Co:
Runtime: 12.30

Sound Mix: Colour Color 

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

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