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Vegetable Crushers tells the story of an escalating dispute between two gardeners, Ely and Nick, over the use of their jointly-owned allotment in suburban London. What begins as a minor difference over a bucket of compost, degenerates into a full-blown battle over seeds, fertiliser, and, ultimately, boundaries and territorial sovereignty. Their differences become irreparable and hostilities intensify as each destroys the others’ lovingly-nurtured cabbages, leeks and turnips. To avoid bloodshed, local councillor Sam is called in to mediate and broker a peace agreement. But Sam has a different agenda in mind. Instead of resolving the crisis, he opts to play Ely and Nick against each other, siding with Ely one day and Nick the next. Behind the scenes, however, and unbeknownst to the two gardeners, Sam is making a tidy profit by taking a cut from the endless sales of new seedlings being sold to the warring parties by Raymond, the owner of the nearby gardening supplies store. Rather than seeking peace, Sam’s objective is to see the allotment war continue for eternity



The film serves as a analogy for British and American intervention in the middle East. Trump recently made a trip to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to sell more weapons to the Saudi government, and while he was there claimed that Iran, Saudi’s ideological enemy, was harbouring terrorism and manufacturing nuclear weapons. A hostile middle east brings about fresh pastures for harnessing a profitable weapons trade, and thus, benefits western governments and businesses.




Mr. Samson 

Director of Photography  


Gaffer / 1st Camera Assistant

Drone Operator

Sound Recordist & Post Sound

First Assistant Director

Production Assistant

Runner / 2nd Camera Assistant

Make Up Artist 

Costume Designer 

Script Supevisor

Assistant Script Supervisor 

Set Designer (Allotment)

Set Designer (Store)

Film Editor  


Music Composer 

Re-recording Mixer 

Foley Artist 

John  Jesper 

Michael Lipman 

Thomas Mailand 

Bhasker Patel 

Foad Emrani

Peter Panoa

Troy Stacey 

Amir Rezazadeh

Matteo Di Cugno

Bozhidar Peychev

Kate Logan 

Shema Griffin 

Fredrikka Lievonen

Hannah Hodge

Gabrielle Wood 

Shannon Phillips 


Nicola Blick

Kate Logan  

C.J. Lazaretti  

Seamus Logan  

Christopher Belsey 

Chris Stanley 

Tobia Malagutti 


Paul Carter

Nicola Blink 

John Regan 

Frank Martin

Mark Kehoe

William Brownings

Richard Lincoln  

Martin @ Middlesex University Kit Hub


Official Sites: Official Facebook | Official Bluejohn Productions website


Language: English

Release Date: 2nd Jan 2020 (UK)

Also Known As: Vegetable Crushers

Filming Locations: London, UK (South Ealing)

Budget: Gross: £2550 (GB)

Company Credits: BlueJohn Production Co:

Runtime: 10.20

Colour: Colour

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

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